The blog is about Exclaim Entertainment's activities, but is no longer being updated monthly. Instead, it will only be updated with events or changes or exciting news! However, the Instagram account has posts at least every month.

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Tattoo Kits Now Available

The Exclaim Entertainment booth at the Calgary Farmers' Market has started carrying Glitter Tattoo Kits after much demand.

The small kits have 2 mini glitters, 3 stencils, a glitter applicator & a mini glue (available packages are Fantasy, Princess, & Boy)

The large kits have 6 glitters, a set of bushes, 24 stencils, and a glue (available packages are Girl, Boy & Girl/Boy)

We also have hair chalk available for sale which is a great way to temporarily colour hair- the colours even work on darker hair tones! Feel free to ask for a demonstration at the booth! More pictures coming soon!


November & December

November began with the continuation of Sugar Skull requests for Dia de los Muertos at a Cirque du Nuit function. 

Throughout the month of November, Exclaim helped celebrate Amy's, Orson's & Brooke's birthday parties.

Mid-November signaled the start of the Christmas Market, where the Calgary Farmers' Market brought out Christmas decorations, activities and events for everyone to enjoy. Even Santa visited and Julia was able to get a picture with him!

At the bottom of this post, you'll see specialty hockey face paints, for the Maple Leafs vs Flames game at the end of November.

December had a continuation of Christmas events with each event having a variety of entertainment such as walk-around magicians, face painting, balloons, Santa, cookie decorating, crafts and more!

In December, Exclaim was at Emma's and Aisha's birthday parties! Princess and Frozen themes are still going strong :)

2016's New Year's Eve party was a blast! Julia from Exclaim had her first big DJ event, for a family-oriented crowd. Luckily she was prepped from taking a few classes from Beat Drop, and had a friend at the event to assist with speakers and keeping the party going.

Exclaim hopes that everyone has a great 2017!

September & October

In September, you may have seen Julia from Exclaim Entertainment at The Westside King's Church doing face painting. Even with the rain, the organizers did a fantastic job with their Carnival Event!

October was crazy busy! Emily, Alexander & Kayla had their birthday parties this month & there were lots of Halloween events going on throughout the month! 

A couple of the requests Julia got included sugar skulls, ghost rider, fairy makeup, wounds & cuts, werewolves, and an airbrush job to resemble Jane Doe from Blindspot. It keeps things interesting to have so much variety.

Also in October, Julia was very fortunate to be on Global News with The Calgary Farmers' Market on October 27th! Feel free to check out the clip by clicking here. Big thanks to the model, Brittany that woke up extra early for the segment and wore the makeup to her two jobs that day! Being backstage & seeing all the behind-the-scenes work was exciting! 



This month was fun! Thankfully, the rain wasn't all month and we got to do a couple events out in the sun.

Julia did lots of face painting at the market and more and more people keep learning about how cool our airbrush tattoos are! Glad to see some people taking notice of them.

There was also a neat event at the market, called the Food4All, where the Calgary Farmers' Market raised over $2000 cash and over 2000 pounds of food donations for the Calgary Food Bank. Thank you to everyone that donated! If you would like to learn more about the food bank, or make a donation, click here.

Remember the legendary Lea Selley (The Tattooed Lady)? She is the previous owner of the market booth space and taught me everything I know about face painting & tattoos. I got to visit her at her home in Florida this August.

Upon my return, the Pokemon Go craze was still going strong, so I tried doing some classic Pokemon characters.

Also in August, Exclaim received a request to print coupons for the market booth (pictured on the right, below). These can be purchased upon request for $10 each and make a great addition to treat bags and birthday gifts!


This July was one of the busiest months yet! It kicked off with a few events on Canada Day, and kept steady with Stampede events, market days, parties, and a Grand Opening!

The Canada Day celebrations included many expected maple-leaf designs, but there were also a few Deadpool requests, with Deadpool being one of the few comic-book characters that happens to be Canadian.

Before the Stampede rush, there was a very special event for a little boy that survived his battle with cancer. Julia and Brittany from Exclaim Entertainment were fortunate enough to be a part of this event to do gold ribbon glitter tattoos (gold for supporting children in their battle with cancer). If this is something you would like to get involved with, there are many ways to help and support.

This year was the year Julia got her first pair of Cowgirl boots, which was lucky with all the rain Calgary got! Even with the unfortunate weather many little ones braved the lines for face painting and tattoos during the breakfasts and barbecues over Stampede.

During the many market days this month, Julia was able to do some practice of some characters like Chase from Paw Patrol, Judy Hopps from Zootopia, and Max from The Secret Life of Pets. These paintings were posted on Exclaim Entertainment's Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.

The Grand Opening Julia entertained at was for Elevation Chiropractic, that uses a torque-release technique to make adjustments. Ila, the fairy-painted cutie below got her face painted that day at the grand opening.


June has been busy, as the month started off with Exclaim Entertainment taking over the face painting booth at the Calgary Farmers' Market. Exclaim Entertainment had been managing The Tattooed Lady Face Painting booth for about a year, and it was time to dive into this great opportunity. There have been lots of changes to the booth including the wall & counter, and there are many other ideas coming to fruition, such as starting to offer airbrush tattoos! Airbrush tattoos allow for a not-so-glittery tattoo option, and realistic-style designs are available as well.

Julia from Exclaim Entertainment even added a small, special touch to the booth by making some dinosaur business card holders (see below ).

Keep your eyes peeled for more changes coming to the booth!


May begun for me with Star Wars! May the 4th is always a fun day to do some face paint practice, and this year I painted Darth Maul & Darth Vader arm paintings. Darth Vader is a tricky one to do with all the shading, but he's a new favourite.

On Mother's Day, I went up to Edmonton to Mucho Burrito for their grand opening (don't worry, my Mom came for the trip too) and I saw my friend DJ Hurricane whom I happened to do my last Mucho Burrito event with.

Other events I did included some birthdays, an event up in Banff where I got some interesting requests including an owl (pictured below), billy goat, and parrot. One other event in May, was a community party in which it started out as a beautiful day, but halfway through, it started to rain! Two adorable kitty sisters were brave enough to get their faces painted in the cold rain!

March & April

In the month of March, Easter weekend was packed at the Farmers' Market, but most of March was dedicated to school work.

In April, although final exams were afoot, the main events I was involved with were Bodyssey (in Banff) & the Comic Expo! Bodyssey is the Canadian version of FABAIC (see last May's blog post), where there were various classes by world-renowned leaders in the entertainment industry. I was able to catch up with some friends, make new friends and witness balloon sculptures including the one of the skiing alien pictured below. At the end of April, I was fortunate enough to have a booth at the Calgary Entertainment & Comic Expo again doing glitter and airbrush tattoos in the kid's zone. I even got a few tattoos myself!

January & February

Unfortunately, business is slow in the months of January & February, but I was still fortunate enough to paint some faces at The Calgary Farmers' Market!

The pictures below are of practice of Yoda for the new Star Wars movie, some Valentine's Day faces (including a brand new design!) and a cool Sugar Skull!

November & December

These two months were filled with birthday parties and Christmas parties. Fortunately, I was able to entertain at Victoria's birthday for the second time in two years. It's great to be able to go to a party and see how much the children have grown in the past year!

Another highlight from these two months is that I got to meet Santa! (see proof below)

September & October

Another university semester started up in September, and events started to slow down. I was able to entertain at a few birthdays though!

October was packed with Halloween related work from the 1st to the 31st. With midterms in October, I wasn't able to do many events myself, but the Exclaim Entertainment team did amazing work and really pulled together on all the bookings.

Before October 31st, I was able to do a bit of practice to get ready for working at The Calgary Farmers' Market for the big weekend! Thanks to everyone that came out and got their faces painted!


I was fortune enough to go on a face painting tour with my friend and business partner, The Tattooed Lady! We left from Calgary and drove to Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago, & St. Louis! It was a blast!

Later in the month I face painted at some Community Parties, and I painted at Beacon Hill Mucho Burrito for their customer appreciation day. I loved being able to put glitter on a burrito painting.

At the end of the month was another fun event with WestJet called the "Dirty Bird" which is basically when WestJet holds a giant water party & the plane gets washed. I was doing airbrush tattoos there and got some great pictures of my Tattoo Pro Tattoos on some little ones.



This month was the busiest month this summer with events! It started with Canada Day and was busy until the end of Stampede.

I was able to come up with some cute Canadian face paint cheek art, made some ginormous balloon octopi at a Stampede BBQ and volunteered at the Calgary Folk Music Festival where I was fortunate enough to see a band practicing for a workshop right in my volunteer tent!


This month didn't have as many events, but I was fortunate to go to Panorama (for my first Airbrush event with all my new stencils!) and I saw a black bear! There were a few "end-of-school" events that Exclaim Entertainment did face painting at, and luckily there was nice weather for all the outdoor events.

This website has begun an updating process as it has almost been a year since it launched! Look out for new pictures of face paints, glitter tattoos, balloon creations and airbrush tattoos!

The pictures these month are of face paint and balloon practice (the balloon designs are Dustin Queary's whom I met at FABAIC in May).


May was great and full of adventure!! Cirque du Soliel's Kurios and Brooklyn's birthday were definite highlights of the month, but for 10 days of the month, I got to go to Florida! I was in the Sunshine State for a Face and Body Art Convention called FABAIC where I got to meet so many talented people! I went to classes by instructors Corey Morgan, Nick Wolfe, Ronnie Mena, Dustin Queary and othersto learn new face paint and balloon designs that will be added into my repertoire. After the convention I explored Florida and went to the Everglades, a wildlife park (where I got to play with a tiger cub!), The Keys, and Miami. May was jam-packed with new experiences and had a major impact on my creativity!

February, March & April

These few months haven't been very busy with events, but there were some birthday parties, including special birthday boys & girls: Elloitt & Drew, Bailey, Elgin, Brittany and Catie!

Here are some pictures of balloons from the birthdays I did:

Other than those birthdays, I was fortunate to make balloons for the UCalgary Strong Festival in early April (a sober alternative to BSD)

Also in April, if you were at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, you may have seen me there at my friend's booth doing airbrush tattoos using Airbrush Tattoo Pro Stencils! Doing tattoos at the Expo was so fun that I'm thinking about getting my own airbrush tattoo equipment!

Here are some pictures from the Expo:

November & December

These two months were busy! There were a few birthday parties (see the picture of the adorable little girl below), but most of the events I went to in November and December were for Christmas parties! The Christmas parties were all over the city and there were even a few just outside Calgary which were very extravagant (one had a horse drawn carriage and everything!). In addition to seeing all these great events and meeting all the people and children there, many entertainers get to work with their friends, (as Christmas is one of the busiest seasons) so it's always nice to show up at an event and see some familiar faces.

Some of the pictures below are of balloons taken to parties or part of Christmas gifts for friends and family members, unfortunately I couldn't get any photos at any of the holiday parties.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season & a happy new year!


Wound practice!

Wound practice!

This month, I was practicing doing wounds with only paint in hopes that it would come in handy for Halloween!

It was also my friend's Grandmother's 75th birthday so I did some balloon decorations, some balloon hats, as well as some other balloon creations for the birthday girl and her guests. Check out some of the pictures below and some of the pictures in the "Birthdays and Fun" slideshow under Galleries. The clown bracelet was particularly fun because the birthday girl is actually a clown as an occupation, so it was very fitting! For the hat and clown bracelet I used Holly Hopper's balloon tutorials on YouTube (

Halloween was full of face painting with a crew of other face painters, I think the most popular designs that day happened to be sugar skulls, green witch faces, vampires and zombies. Hopefully November is as fun as October was!