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Hair Feathers are a great way to add some temporary fun to an every-day look.

The feathers used are real rooster feathers that come natural, or dyed in a variety of colours. They can be placed anywhere below the crown of the head, at the surface of the hair, or below so you can have your feather stand out, or be a pleasant, subtle surprise. These fun feathers are recommended for those older than 3 years old, and will last from a few weeks to months! However, the feathers may not last more than a few days if the hair is fair & thin (as is found on some little-ones).

How are these feathers taken care of? It's easy, wash your hair normally, and move the feather & piece of hair it is attached to off to the side when brushing. Because these feathers are real rooster feathers, they can be blow-dried, straightened &/or curled, as you would treat your hair normally. If you're using a hot iron, just be careful to avoid melting the bead holding in the hair feather!

The feathers are clamped to the hair with a silicone-lined bead and can be easily removed if desired using needle-nosed pliers (by applying pressure to the short, rounded edges).


How many feathers can be done in an hour?

About 10-15 individuals can get hair feathers done in an hour. This can vary if braids, beads &/or multiple feathers are requested.

Also, hair chalk may be available as an addition if you are booking a hair feather artist.